Who are we


The Company

HealthofWealth (HoW) is an end to end financial advisory and investment management firm. Data Analytics and Investment Algorithms form our core in coming up with financial planning and investment recommendations

Our Basis Of Existence

We have been Incorporated with the philosophy of bringing top notch investment solutions for every one. With our proprietary models on analysing multiple data points, we learn more , adapt and keep up with your changing needs and lifestyle, changing financial markets, tax rules, inflation, economic conditions, and regional demographics, so the advice you receive is accurate, up-to-date, and subtlety crafted for you.

Our Mission

To look after the best financial interests of each of our clients in a way that affirms and embraces the unique individuality and product suitability in their lives. We aim to provide the most healthy environment for the wealth of our clients to prosper  and grow in turn  helping them to be financially healthy and wealthy.

The Team

We are a team of highly motivated individuals who have had vast experience in the  financial industry and financial markets working with some of the major institutions like ICICI Bank etc.

Along with the financial expertise we have on boarded individuals with varied experience in the fields of Data Analytics and Data Mining to further foster our very existential motto of providing in depth research and algorithm  driven strategies to manage wealth of our clients. 

Thus as a amalgamation of the two fields finance and data analytics, we have been able to come up with HealthofWealth's algorithm driven customized investment strategies.

To sum up  we are not just like any other Online Mutual Fund Investment platform. We offer more and much more. We offer wealth solutions intelligent enough and tailor made for you to suit your unique individuality.

The Company Name & Logo

As can be seen we represent the truest sense in both our company name and logo.

Our company name HealthofWealth was conceived and conceptualised on the very thought of establishing a firm that can take care of the health of the wealth of its clients. And so is our tagline Health of your wealth- Reviewed Refined & Perfected.

Our Logo too embraces the same philosophy and is self explanatory