Our uniqueness


HealthofWealth (HoW) is an end to end financial advisory firm that leverages Data Analytics (DA) and Investment Algorithms (IA) to provide tailored financial planning, advisory and investment management services. 

With its in house proprietary scoring mechanism called HealthofWealth (HoW) Score, it captures, organises and centralizes all assets, liabilities, financial plans and goals and lays down a complete financial picture analysing, recommending, implementing and regularly monitoring every aspect of your financial and investment plan and making sure it is achievable.

With Data Analytics and Algorithmic tracking of various funds , we are able provide real-time adaptive guidance and strategic view to track , monitor, recommend and reallocate portfolios based on critical data points and help our clients enjoy life while we take care of the wealth. We help clients stay on track of their financial goals even as life keeps changing .

We believe in the vision to make our clients Health wise by being Wealth wise and thus we aim to take complete care of your wealth by reviewing , refining and perfecting the whole process of financial advisory customised to each and every client of ours. We thus help you to see a clear path to your financial goals and aim to walk with you every step of the way.

As an independent firm, we rely and lay greatest emphasis on research driven strategies and ongoing review and monitoring of recommendations to suit and meet our clients unique financial goals. Most importantly we reveal the details behind our recommendations and tell you what matters for you in the most practical and sensible wordings.

Our basket of services  delves into Mutual Funds, Equity Portfolio Management Services, Fixed Income Instruments, Alternate Investment Funds, Structured Products , and Tax Planning & Strategies