Frequently Asked Questions

But how do I trust HealthofWealth with my money?

You are buying Mutual Funds after all end of the day. The reality is that your money never comes to HealthofWealth account. We act as mere intermediaries who will be investing on your behalf. All the mutual fund purchases will be made under your name and all the transactions will take place between you and the concerned AMC.

For us to be able to do investments directly on your behalf according to our algorithms, we obtain a bank mandate from you. This bank mandate that you issue is in favour of BSE Limited and not HealthofWealth thus never giving the control of your money to HealthofWealth

But what if HealthofWealth closes down in 5 years?

We are never closing down. Period.

Hypothetically even if we were to close down, all your mutual fund holdings are directly held with the Asset Management Companies (AMC's) and not HealthofWealth. We are just intermediaries. You can access details of holdings on concerned AMC's website.

How secure is the HealthofWealth platform? What about my privacy?

We take the security of our platform and privacy of all your data extremely seriously. And therefore, we have subscribed to softwares and  system with best-in-class security and privacy features.

Website is secure, encrypted and data stored with 256 bit SHA encryption. Furthermore, we have tied up with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as our backend partner and all the transactions are executed through BSE’s StarMF platform. Our Software Providers host thier platform on Amazon Web Services and is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption. And finally, we have an agreement of complete data privacy with our software partners and we never share your data with any third party. 

How do I get started with HealthofWealth?

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